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Indian Politics & Law Review Journal is an Annual e-Journal of Law & Political Science bearing ISSN: 2581-7086. The Journal covers contemporary issues of Law & Politics and is not limited to any specific topic or subject.

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Secularism and Dress Decoration: With Primal Plug to Hijab Polemic

Religious freedom includes the ability to choose one’s religious attire. The idea of ​​a republic of liberty is closer to the so-called direct freedom, which means the realization of human essence as the ability to consider inherited beliefs and personalities. Absolutely “evil” deserves freedom as a distraction. Young women are not really victims: they are

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A Criminological Legal Study On Juvenile Delinquency

The occurrence of crime is a part and parcel of the society. With the advent of the greater societal needs there has been an increase of economic demand. The industrial era that the world is witnessing since the industrial revolution has changed the dynamics of the world, with not only evolution in the industrial part

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Is The U.P Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion Of Religion Ordinance, 2020 Constitutionally Valid?

The recently introduced Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance, 2020 “has faced staunch opposition from certain sections of society. Even though the law proposes steps to protect victims against fraud, coercion, and deception, it has received criticism due to the circumstances surrounding its implementation. Although the proposal treats all religions equally and

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Role of Intellectual Property in Mergers and Acquisitions

Intellectual property as words signifies is a residential or commercial property of the intelligence. The resourcefulness and labor of the writers, creators and creators is what this property purportedly gives rights to. The topic of intellectual property laws is very diversified, extending from the design of a simple utilitarian item like a paperclip to as

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An Analytical Study of Illegal Migration with Special Reference to Assam

Migration is a constant global phenomenon, which is as old as civilization is. Since times immemorial, people worldwide are on a move for various reason and purpose. In search of economic gain, better condition of living, security, poverty alleviation, and educational opportunities etc. people moves from one area to another area, which was not a

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