Secularism and Dress Decoration: With Primal Plug to Hijab Polemic

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Journal Title: Indian Politics & Law Review
Author(s): Ajitha Nair L
Published On: 20/06/2022
Volume: 7
First Page: 80
Last Page: 86
ISSN: 2581-7086
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Ajitha Nair L, Secularism and Dress Decoration: With Primal Plug to Hijab Polemic, Volume 7, Indian Politics & Law Review, 80-86, Published on 20/06/2022, Available at


Religious freedom includes the ability to choose one’s religious attire. The idea of ​​a republic of liberty is closer to the so-called direct freedom, which means the realization of human essence as the ability to consider inherited beliefs and personalities. Absolutely “evil” deserves freedom as a distraction. Young women are not really victims: they are local workers and ministers of their spiritual health, and they insist on their choice of religion. Wearing the hijab can be a wise way to reconcile commitment to faith and family on the one hand and freedom in the public sphere on the other, as it is one of the most recent individual agency agencies. Freedom from domination differs from both good and bad. Individual independence is expressed as a measure of the existence of a great “right of exit” in culture or religion. India being a secular State try not to interfere in these attire related matters, it is actually the wasting of the time of judiciary so as to intrude into the matters of a religion and to check whether that certain type of attire is essential or not for the preservation of that particular religion’s culture and all. There exists the three pillar words in the Constitution of India under Article 25, the morality, health and public order, if any religious attire not satisfies these conditions the court can interfere in the matter and put a ban on the same, otherwise it is like piercing the apple and squeezing its seeds, these process preferably opined to avoid by the apex judicial system of the nation.

Keywords: Islamism, Hijab, Positive Secularism, Morality, Public Order

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